I guard my weekends. The times where I voluntarily gave up an entire weekend I can probably count on my fingers and toes and not even take off a shoe. But the times I pay to give up a weekend, well… I recall one: a video boot camp by the company Seenfire that I signed up for not realizing it would take an entire weekend. Had I known, I wouldn’t have gone. This was one of the best mistakes in planning I ever made.

Seenfire’s Founder Christoph Geiseler runs these video boot camps to train people to make high-quality videos. He has a simple premise. Keep your videos to one minute in length. Anything longer takes far more work and loses far more viewers. He also says to make your video in one day. Anything longer is obsessing that won’t usually result in better quality. Geiseler wants his company to become the online platform for one-minute storytellers.

I’m still amazed by how often I use the tools I learned in that video boot camp. Admittedly I didn’t pay too much attention to his highly detailed (err… I believed I referred to it as excessively anal under my breath during the boot camp, to be honest) organizational system and I quickly regretted it. I’ve since started to apply it in every video I make. My knowledge of Premiere Pro is probably like my brain… I may use 10 percent at best. But that 10 percent has remarkable power to create a visual story in a way I could have only dreamed (or paid heavily) for before.

I use these skills now in work, in play, and to express my Effin Artistry. I now think videos and look forward to the editing process of pairing words, music, and visuals in a finished, complete product.

The point here: Give up a weekend and get to one of these boot camps. The next one is in the Los Angeles are on the first weekend of April (click here to register and learn more). The seminar is limited to 10 people. Amp up your storytelling, and be one of the 10. If you are, report back here by replying and telling us how you liked the seminar.