Did you ever look at one of those globes in classrooms? You spin em around and see the whole word at your finger. Ever spin it and see where you'd "land?" More often than not you'd end up in the middle of an ocean somewhere. It makes sense, because so much of the world is covered in water. Our oceans are the foundation of our whole existence. But the bad news is we don't treat them with the reverence and care they require. Huge currents of trash swirl in the tide. Aggressive fishing practices are depleting the ocean's inhabitants. And well the real biggie, in the next fifty years the ocean is going to rise by three feet meaning coastlines everywhere are in danger. Entire countries could be under water. As oceans heat and rise and our poles melt, we run the risk of destroying this spinning globe we call home.

Rising Surf will tap into the community that loves the ocean as much as anyone: surfers. Through power stories and persuasive art we will dedicate a year to ocean health and stemming the tide of rising surf. We are currently on the lookout for partners, projects and artist to champion this effort in the coming year.