It's no small thing to UnEff the American prison system. The debate about whether it works is over. It doesn't. Our Department of Corrections has ignored its mandate to correct. Our justice system that long ago lost sight of justice. Our prisons have become the largest educational system in the country, with more than two million students enrolled, 600,000 "graduating" back into society and most utterly failing to become productive members of society. Two thirds of all those released will go back for more education. Because our prisons continue a criminal environment where the education is teaches people to do more crime, the results are utterly predictable. 

We are the global leader in locking up people. Once locked up their lives spiral in dramatic ways. If we redesigned the American prison system, we'd be far better at incarcerating those that need it. We'd keep people out of it in the first place. We'd find more humane ways to deal with problems of poverty and addiction. We crush the school-to-prison pipeline. How? Well, like all things it starts with story. The real story of our life in Criminal U needs to be told. Through film, music and stories, we will elevate the humanity behind bars.

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