Just what the EFF is Effin Artist?  We are a diverse community committed to the power of storytelling to transform self and society.

Sounds lofty, right? But it’s pretty simple, really. Throughout history sweeping changes share one common foundation that is nearly universal: Change begins with the story. Still too lofty? Think about it: Jews launched a new religion through songs sung by storytellers, 150 of which remain as one of the most treasured books of the Bible, the Psalms. Native Americans sustained their rich traditions through songs and stories despite near genocidal conquest and systemic cultural attack. The Civil Rights Era transformed public opinion and Supreme Court laws with dramatic stories in the media that captured the injustice and hate of those in power. Gay Marriage went from an outlier issue to the law of the land by shattering negative stereotypes through TV shows like Will and Grace and movies like Milk.  

When change happens, it starts with a story. We humanize our struggles and hopes and dreams. We grow. Others connect. Together a community develops until the tipping point of wide-scale, sweeping, historic change.

Effin Artist is in the process of becoming a 501c3, nonprofit organization committed to vital issues of social change.

Photography on this site is courtesy of Unsplash, a photographic celebration of art through the camera lens. Criminal U photo by Audra Miller.