We had this crazy idea. What if we could pull together storytellers of all stripes, those who bang on keyboards and those who chisel rocks, those who slather colors with brushes and those who capture it with a lens, those make films and those who sing songs? Inspiration would leap off this canvas of life. So we took it a step farther. What if we got all those committed advocates and activists and turned all their inspired ideas into stuff we could do, to funnel all that energy into actually doing something. That would pretty cool, right? But there's one thing still missing. The cash. So that's where the sponsors come in, people who hear the stories and envision the change and find themselves reaching for their wallets. Put the checkwriters in the mix and at that point we all come together, that's where that "something" we want to do actually starts happening. We call it the impact zone. And that's what this community is all about. 


Which are you? Artists, advocates and sponsors needed. 

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