It's safe to say we aren't your mother's artistic endeavor. But frankly, who is? Most art is reactionary. A bold statement. An expression of something that is brilliantly right or tragically wrong in the world or even within ourselves. Those moments when we tap into that energy, when we feel most alive, well, that deserves an eff bomb or two, don't you think? 

Effin Artist started as a simple expression of that effort. We wanted to experience those "ah-ha" moments of creativity and expression. And we wanted to celebrate that a-ha moment with others. Then we began to notice something else beyond the artistic moment itself. We saw the power of it all. We realized that in artistic expression and powerful storytelling, both the artist and the audience uncover new truths. We all change a bit. We take a pause from the conveyor belt of life and step off and stop and wonder. How can we do better? How can we make the world a bit better as well... our little part of it, anyway.

That's Effin Artist, a community of those committed to the power of truth and art and story and giving a crap about the world and our place in it. 

Whether you're an artist, a champion of the art, an advocate of change or just someone looking for a place to belong, Effin Artist is for you. 

Share your "I'm and EFFin Artist, man!" moment. What's your story?